Praise and Reviews

Dear Abby,

I wanted to thank you so much for your most powerful book I am in the process of digesting so that inner healing and more healthy relationships can be realized. I am a 65-year-old retired pastor. Tonight I am taking this book to friends whose marriage is on the rocks. I told them that I have had two or three books besides the Bible that influence me to be a better pastor and husband/father over the 33 years I spent in full time pastoral ministry but Lasting Transformation tops them! I also said that if my house was burning and I could only take a couple of books they would be the Bible and Lasting Transformation!

Thank you for the 30 years of being a psychologist, and your writing that resulted in this wonderful book, so full of clear insight and transformational potential!

Jeff C.
Fairport, NY

I just read a dutch article on the internet on 'NKCD'(dutch description) that comes out of your book 'Lasting Transformation'. The article opened my eyes, finally, cause it made me admit I am such a person. My whole adult life I have been searching what was 'wrong' with me. The description of the NKCD is spot on. Only the last few years I went into therapy and with the right medication I consider myself 'normal' but some things will never change. After reading your article I felt liberated, it tells me I'm not the total blame of my condition. Thank you so very much Ms. Rosen!

Gianfranco Spertini

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