Kripalu Retreat

Lasting Transformation: A Guide to Navigating Life's Journey

The workshop took place on: September 14–16, 2012

Kripalu center for yoga &; health
in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts

For everyone.

Abby Rosen is a master therapist and spiritual teacher. Her inspiring guide to lasting transformation is a gift for every person who thirsts for the full expression of psyche and spirit in their life.
Joan Borysenko

Are you yearning for greater self-awareness, meaningful connections, and spiritual consciousness? Your lifetime is a sacred journey that needs to be traveled mindfully if you are to live a life of joy, love, and meaning. When situations create stress, there are tools you can use to shift your consciousness into a place of greater awareness and mastery.

In this workshop, you learn to

  • Uncover the cover-up of our true self through a transformative modality called Voice Dialogue, as developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone
  • Transform soul holes into whole souls using the Checking-In Process
  • Learn the Formula for Conscious Communication
  • Understand the higher purpose of relationships
  • Develop a meditation practice to access soul wisdom.
  • Understand the primary selves and disowned selves, and gain an overview of the Psychology of Selves, and the Voice Dialogue methodology.

This life-changing weekend provides you with effective tools for developing strong, fulfilling relationships with self, Source, and significant others.

Recommended reading Abby Rosen, LASTING Transformation: A Guide to Navigating Life’s Journey (Balboa Press).

CE Credits
This program ws eligible for :
  • 11 credits for Social Workers (SW) and other mental health professionals, $20 additional charge