Book Launch & Transformartini Recipe

There was a book signing on September 19, 2010, where over 100 friends, family, and colleagues came to celebrate the book launch for LASTING Transformation and the kick-off of "Tuedays with InnerSource," a series of monthly seminars presented by the InnerSource Staff Community. It was a magical day with amazing food for our bodies - we had three chocolate fountains flowing, and yummy food for our hearts with so many wonderful people there to support these new beginnings, and I hopefully provided the food for our souls with a talk on the book. You can see some of the pictures from a day I'll remember forever!


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This transformation stuff really works!

With the help of a friend, Gaurav Bajpai, we created my signature drink, which I call a “Transformartini.” Everyone loved it and asked for the recipe, so enjoy and be forewarned – It’s really yummy and potent – so don’t drive or use heavy machinery!


To serve, put ice in a martini shaker or pitcher, fill martini shaker with martinis from decanter, then fill garnished glasses with chilled transformartinis.

Recipe for 1½ gallons – we were making the transformartinis for over 100 people, so please reduce the amounts accordingly.

1 bottle of 1.75 lt vodka

2 bottles of 750 ml Razzmatazz

4 bottles of 7 oz lemon juice

1 bottle of Bossa Nova Acai Juice

Optional garnish:

a toothpick with blueberries, raspberries, and a lemon wedge

A trick is to chill all the liquid ingredients before mixing. This will keep the drink cooler longer and this may eliminate the need to put ice in with the ingredients in the martini shaker, although a little diluting wouldn’t hurt!