About Drab By Rosen

Throughout my life, I have woven the threads of psychology and spirituality into a rich tapestry of professional and personal experience. After receiving my doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology (the integration of psychology and spirituality) from California Institute of Integral Studies in 1981, I travelled to India to study meditation and Eastern psychology, and to help coordinate the International Transpersonal Psychology Conference in Mumbai in 1982. Since then, I have led numerous workshops including Communication for Transformation; Voice Dialogue—the Psychology of Selves; Meditation and Kabbalah; the Joys and Jolts of Relationships; Our Intuitive Wisdom; and the Power of the Mind. Both Kabbalah and meditation deeply inform my work with clients, and my life.

I have worked as director of the Marriage Family Counseling Clinic in San Diego, written a newspaper column called Dear Dr. Abby, and hosted a cable-TV show called “All about Women and the People in Their Lives”. I have worked with individuals and couples for over thirty-six years, and have directed Innersource, Inc., an integrative psychotherapy practice for almost twenty years.

The goal for my life, my practice, and my book, is one and the same - to inspire you on your life’s journey to greater wholeness, connection with self, Source and significant others, and transformation.

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