About Dr. Abby Rosen

Throughout my life, I have woven the threads of psychology and spirituality into a rich tapestry of professional and personal experience. After receiving my doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology (the integration of psychology and spirituality) from California Institute of Integral Studies in 1981, I travelled to India to study meditation and Eastern psychology, and to help coordinate the International Transpersonal Psychology Conference in Mumbai in 1982. Since then, I have led numerous workshops including Communication for Transformation; Voice Dialogue—the Psychology of Selves; Meditation and Kabbalah; the Joys and Jolts of Relationships; Our Intuitive Wisdom; and the Power of the Mind. Both Kabbalah and meditation deeply inform my work with clients, and my life.

I have worked as director of the Marriage Family Counseling Clinic in San Diego, written a newspaper column called Dear Dr. Abby, and hosted a cable-TV show called “All about Women and the People in Their Lives”. I have worked with individuals and couples for over thirty-six years, and have directed Innersource, Inc., an integrative psychotherapy practice for almost twenty years.

The goal for my life, my practice, and my book, is one and the same - to inspire you on your life’s journey to greater wholeness, connection with self, Source and significant others, and transformation.

Professional Activities and Memberships

American Psychological Association
Maryland Psychological Association
Psychotherapy Networker
Psychology Today

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